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Healthy Tweets

AmyJTodayRD A better way to market school lunch program: Column http://t.co/1wWvyrDnzN via @usatoday
AmyJTodayRD RT @VitaSpelt: It's #NationalMacaroniDay! Instead of making some processed boxed mac-n-cheese, try a homemade version http://t.co/bzcoRK83F3
AmyJTodayRD Ten tips for implementing a successful worksite wellness program http://t.co/EYJSPvmdev via @JaxBizJournal
AmyJTodayRD Study of Organic Crops Finds Fewer Pesticides and More Antioxidants http://t.co/I6PDV2zuTm
AmyJTodayRD RT: Great info @KristinKirkpak: Detitian has simple strategies for losing weight http://t.co/WZtUa3zGPt
AmyJTodayRD Millennials willing to spend more for higher-quality food http://t.co/dw7Fmm6OvE
AmyJTodayRD RT: time to kick it in with Kefir http://t.co/spn00jCD88
AmyJTodayRD How antioxidants can accelerate cancers, and why they don't protect against them -- ScienceDaily http://t.co/DqjFUKTSMm
AmyJTodayRD Think fun when exercising and you'll eat less later -- ScienceDaily http://t.co/pjSNcmazQx
AmyJTodayRD RT: Great info from @KristinKirkpak: When Going Organic Matters Most for You http://t.co/Cn7Ssfq4s7 via @ClevelandClinic

Nutritional News with Amy J

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