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Healthy Tweets

AmyJTodayRD 3 Ways to Boost Your Workouts With Carbs http://t.co/rSNRhe50jn
AmyJTodayRD Want to know about gluten and athletic performance? Gluten Allergies: A New Diagnosis That Can Affect Performance http://t.co/Co4OBzUqp9
AmyJTodayRD RT: Preventing Heart Disease: Fresh Fruit to the Rescue! http://t.co/8OJFENQgOd
AmyJTodayRD RT @STACKMedia: The latest issue of STACK Magazine is now available digitally, check it out here: http://t.co/qhvMkDAdMb
AmyJTodayRD RT @DNconnection: U.K. study links lower salt consumption to fewer deaths http://t.co/KnQqFuqvhQ
AmyJTodayRD RT @nclarkrd: Gut bacteria -- Is eating unprocessed foods is better for your gut and your health? http://t.co/CQSh0lCdMp
AmyJTodayRD RT @MoveLiveLearn: Great post! -> RT "@nclarkrd: Have you ever felt ashamed about your eating?,,,, http://t.co/xyj0GyMG7b
AmyJTodayRD RT @agmeadow: Start the day, the right way! Boost your breakfast. Rich in protein & 70 calories each. Find a recipe at www. http://t.co/FLE
AmyJTodayRD U.S. diabetes, prediabetes rates continue to climb, data show http://t.co/g58NnhdVmq
AmyJTodayRD RT: SNA member offers a guide to wide variety of proteins http://t.co/b25D5wOomq

Nutritional News with Amy J

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